The well-equipped Radiology & Imaging department is the backbone of any modern hospital and treatment centre in present era. The quality of treatment which any good hospital can give to the patients depends on excellence of the diagnostic and imaging department of the hospital.

All the faculties of the hospital, in some way or other, inevitably take the help of Radiology & Imaging in order to reach the proper diagnosis so that the correct treatment can be planned.

It is department’s endeavor to help all the specialists in their fields to diagnose various types of diseases with the help of conventional X-Ray, Ultra-sound and CT scan and to locate the disease and assess the extent. The Radiology Department of CMC provides the highest quality services to all patients treated in a most expedient and professional manner. It is equipped with state-of-art technology used for routine and complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. It gives cost-effective and fast results.


X-ray is a diagnostic test where ionizing radiations pass through the examined body thus enabling an image to be produced on film.

Bone x-rays are ordered to detect disease or injury to the bone such as broken bones, tumors, and other problems. They can determine bone density, texture, erosion, etc. and can also evaluate the joints for diseases such as osteoarthritis. Kidney, ureter, and bladder x-ray study is a diagnostic test that is used for the detection of kidney stones and other disorders.

Injecting contrast media help to evaluate the shape position and function of kidneys, ureters and bladder. Skull x-rays are performed to examine the nose, sinuses, and facial bones.

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