In-Patient Services

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

NICU is for critically ill newborns with complex needs. CMC’s NICU is not just for premature babies or those carried through high-risk pregnancies – even full-term babies sometimes unexpectedly need a little extra support. The NICU combines advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to provide specialized care for the tiniest of our patients. Our NICU is equipped with Mechanical Ventilators, Incubators, Radiant Warmer, Phototherapy units, ABG analyzer, Pulse oxymeters, Cardiac monitors, Syringe pumps, infusion pumps etc and facilities for Mechanical ventilation,Phototherapy and all other minor surgical procedures. The Neonatology department of City Medical Complex is one of the best in Afghanistan with Neonatal Intensive care unit. We are offering excellent Neonatal care with very low cost.

The department is managed by well experienced and specially trained staff. Both inborn sick babies and babies referred from other centers are admitted in the NICU. Managing all types of Neonatal emergencies including Birth asphyxia, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Respiratory distress syndrome requiring mechanical ventilationand surfactant therapy, Neonatal Sepsis, extreme premature babies of 24 weeks of gestation onwards, very low birth babies weighing even less than 700 gms, all with excellent results.

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