City Medical Lab

Micro Biology (Cultures)

The Microbiology department provides routine and specialized diagnostic and research services.We offer extensive testing services through our highly qualified microbiology team. Our depth of expertise combined with our novel approach to continuous quality improvement and high quality reporting ensure the delivery of quality you expect.

CMC Lab offers a broad range of compliant, high quality microbiological services. Tests are performed according to official standards and client specific protocols.

CMC Lab provides the following Microbiology Diagnostic Testing Services:

  • Urine C/S
  • Stool C/S
  • Pus C/S
  • Blood C/S
  • Wound Swab C/S
  • Vaginal Swab C/S
  • Sputum C/S
  • CSF C/S
  • Throat Swab C/S
  • Semen C/S
  • LD Bodies
  • Ear Swab C/S
  • Urethral Swab C/S

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